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Napa Cycle Sport | 796 Soscol Ave. | Napa, CA 94558

No matter who you are or where you want

to ride, Napa Cycle Sport can match you with

the perfect bike to take you there.

Napa Cycle Sport offers a full rental fleet for whatever type of riding you're looking for. Whether it's down the river front, out and back on some country roads, or in the dirt on some single track at Skyline Park.

Road - $45 for 3 hours or up to $85 per day (24 hrs) *Three hour minium Mountain - $45 per for 3 hours or $85 per day (24 hrs) *Three hour minium Hybrid's - $8 per hour up to $35 per day (24 hrs)

Our rentals are generally the same bike in each category, however there may be a mix of different models at certain points. Hybrid are about $400 - $500 models. Mountain and road bikes are about $2500 - $3000 models. All road bikes are carbon. Please contact Napa Cycle Sport for exact model informaiton and availability.